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No Woman’s Land

Girls change their name upon marriage 

From their fathers

To their husbands

So when is it ever Her name?

You ask too many questions

Ofcourse girls never live by themselves

They move from their fathers

To their husbands

So when is it ever Her home?

Is this house is not good enough for you?

Don’t be too ambitious. No man will marry you

Your father takes care of you

Your husband will take care of you

So when is it ever My money?

Money? Money is the root of all evil

You are getting ripe. Let me remind you

Your body belongs to Christ

Until it’s your husbands

So when is it ever Mine?

Stop interrupting me when I speak!

Silence on the reserved right to withdraw

“It’s all ours” until his recurrent spite

Then “It’s mine” and if I’m not careful 

“I’ll send you back to your fathers house”

Taboo since…that place was never mine

Self ownership is codified beyond my grasp

My being is disputable territory, but certainly not mine

Girl in transit, floating soul waiting to be owned

All bestowed, easily reclaimed

But that’s how its done – they said


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