Monkey See, Monkey Do


If the sun could spin story, tales

They would undoubtedly be stale

For everything is on repeat

As surely as it’s daily beat

The violence that was further seen

Was here, is here, just now on screen

Repeat crackdowns on crack repeat

By those we trust to watch our streets

In darkness they marched forth and right

on the souls dared to stay alight

The privates are as complicit

Their cameras down, to stay ‘legit’

Opportunists, not always crude

Some wear Dior and lots of Oud

To pick the pockets of those that fight

For their last breath and their last mite

Ambient light our guiding flame

‘Virtual’ is virtually the same

Till we lose sight of what is real

Ambien pills so we can’t feel

So monkey see and money do

Cos you can’t be more than you knew

For everything is on repeat

As surely as it’s daily beat



One Comment Add yours

  1. Antoinette Oba says:

    This is so true and the reality of the times we are living in…


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