I’m Not That Guy

That time I locked us in the house

You were angry and I didn’t want you to leave me. 

But I didn’t hit you. I’m not that guy

I grabbed your shoulders and shook you

Pushed you until you hit the kitchen sink

I held you babe, I didn’t hit you

I didn’t hit you. I’m not that guy

You searched frantically for your phone

I saw the fear you tried to hide as I followed

“I want to hear what you are going to say!” I screamed

I did not give a damn! I wanted to kick you! 

But that’s not me

I can’t hit you and you should know this

I’m not that guy. The guy that hits? Thats not me.

“Fool! Who do you think you are?” I asked

But you kept walking away, protecting your belly

I grabbed your dress and dragged you

It ripped. So I tore the floor-length rest as I spat

“Go and get dressed!” at your disgusting form

It was an accident I swear. 

But I never laid hands upon you. I’m just not that guy

Yes our heads did collide. I was right in your face after all

These things happen. We were arguing!

I kicked the door down when you locked yourself in a room

I wasn’t done arguing, but I didn’t hit you 

If I did, you would have cried; you would be injured

You didn’t shed a single tear

Besides, where is the wound?

You always cry babe. I swear down.

Not because I hit your body. (I will hurt you!!)

I’m sorry for losing my temper and tearing your dress 

It was an accident. Thats not me

I wanted you to know I was angry. I was so mad

I admit I wanted to pummel you while you slept

But tell yourself the truth.

I would never hurt you. I’m not that guy?

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