I Am Not Your Spouse


I am not your spouse

Not your helpmate, no not for a louse

I am most certainly not your neck 

Nope. No longer at your beck

There was naught in those titles for me

Felt more like collars that forced me to agree

So I take my bow, with relief as my fuel 

Adios! No longer your mule.

How else do I say ‘I am not your spouse?’

I won’t be browbeat into a mouse

I’ve made it clear there is no ‘we’

Don’t owe you audience cos you disagree 

Incredible years without your demons

I won’t give up peace despite your ‘reasons’.

You want to keep the Burj with zero carat

I’ll pass! And wish you all the best with that!

I can’t devote my soul to dysfunction

Deep soaking instead, in boat loads of unction

I walked from loneliness and despair

Because ‘For worse’ does not mean ‘For wear’.

I really don’t need a court absolu 

I’ve unshackled myself from bondage with you

Phew! Your absence is really a plus!

Cos baby you’ve been nothing but loss!

So honey, I am not your spouse

You blew your allowance when you ripped my blouse

If I am lying, why do you still want in!

Pray for our marriage!? Connivance is sin!

What’s done is done darling, you do you

I’ve learned to sprint from bad juju 

There is no more pain in this my house

Cos Hallelujah! I am not your spouse!

By Anonymous


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