Nice Guys Should Finish Last


These so called ‘nice guys’

Powerful, yet watching the status quo kill

Numbed by the anticipation of when

They get to do and undo as they please too

Not a ‘peep’ till it’s time to spew inoffensives: 

“Not all men!” or “It is what it is” or “Let things run their course”

Then they retreat. Having held court for the only image worth protecting

Policing language, but not what it points to 

Good deed done for the day


Bashful yet amicable, they take silent notes 

Of the ways they will flex their turn to “be a man”

Refusing to take a stand now 

Lest the standard changes before they get their go

Quietly keeping score when

They didn’t cop a feel, or put something in your drink

So they can have a number

For how many times you should be grateful

For how much you owe them, and for how nice they are


The first to slink away from ‘good-trouble’, and brush it off

When impressing their puppy-dog positivity

Recalling “better times” as though the current pain 

Is just because you don’t remember

Malcom called them the consummate moderates; 

Fence warmers, recovering from frequent fits of blind muteness

At least the bad guys have a hazard sign

Them? They cloak with sweetness even as they devote their every fiber

To maintaining the current ‘order’ over justice, at your expense


So nice guys can finish last until they believe women

Become true allies and speak up in the face of injustice

Overtly reject the entitlement to women’s time, bodies and space

Use their privilege to uproot the misogynistic status quo 

Stop policing language, and start policing the wrong

Instead of bidding their time to get to do the same

Otherwise, spare me the BS ‘nice guy’ act

Because you were never nice for me


Dedicated to all the ‘nice guys’

By Anonymous


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  1. Ufuomaee says:

    Abi? This is true of many guys… They think because they didn’t beat you black and blue, but they only cheated and treated you like crap, they deserve an award.


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