Blood On Your Hands

Blood On Your Hands: From when you said I was lying because you didn’t raise a son that could do such.

Death On Your Lips

Death on your lips: Now I see the cost of silence in the face of injustice. This time, the costs are mine to bear.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Sexual and Reproductive Rights: […] with the uncertainty of the restriction timelines, families need to spend more now to stockpile their essentials. Unemployment, dwindling finances, and uncertainty about the future, can literally create and harden the choice between cabbage vs. condoms.

My life matters.

My life matters: “Domestic violence is about power, access, and enablement – all of which men have disproportionately. Women are overwhelmingly the disempowered recipients of intimate partner violence. […]. Domestic violence is never okay, no matter the direction”