A letter to my Ex-Mother-in-law

A letter to my Ex-Mother In Law: You weren’t just a double agent, you were a general of the patriarchy and you taught your son its ways.

Death On Your Lips

Death on your lips: Now I see the cost of silence in the face of injustice. This time, the costs are mine to bear.

Runaway Slave

Runaway slave: Fleeing was imperative. This was no condition for a human being.

Red Flags

Red Flags: The signs and cycle of abuse are always there, but gradually increase with each carpet-swept disrespect; a test to unlock a new level of dehumanization.

One Plus One

One Plus One: “[T]he men are flying by the seat of their pants […]. When their luck runs out, they drag in their exponential X-factor and ‘bla-scatter’ their wives worlds.”