Intentional Gospel

Intentional Gospel: “I wanted books [with] dynamic characters they could relate with; characters who would then become constant affirmation-whispering companions during their internal monologues for years to come.”

Call Me Dami

Call Me Dami: “Strive high for yourselves and so other women can see you and know they belong too. Defy the mainstream media. You’re more than just a wife or a mother, and your skin does not limit you.” 


I remember when my mother and uncle tried to convince me that having a gap tooth was beautiful. At the time I dismissed it as them pushing an obviously incorrect opinion just because they had gap teeth themselves.

Where do we learn self loathing?

I’ve become very aware of how mainstream media has shaped my biases. Having grown up on a steady drip of western media feed, I’ve only now started to unravel its deep rooted and especially gnarly roots. The supremacy of whiteness/western-ness in programming which reinforced over and again that what is normal, intelligent, powerful and ‘beautiful’,…