Stickers: Reminding us that life is about the living. Not the perfect.

Fathers Day On Court

Father’s Day On Court: You’ve barely seen me…Yet you’ve decided there are things about me you must change.

Blood On Your Hands

Blood On Your Hands: From when you said I was lying because you didn’t raise a son that could do such.

Nice Guys Should Finish Last

Nice Guys cloak with sweetness even as they devote their every fiber to maintaining the current ‘order’ over justice, at your expense.

Human Sacrifice

Human Sacrifice: We can claim to live for our families, for our gods, for our community. When all we really live for is wealth and showing said wealth. 

After “I Do”

After “I Do”: Do the things that are important to you. Just do them. You are still the protagonist of your own damn story.

Before “I Do”

Before “I Do”: Be sure you won’t be tied ‘till death do you part’ to a night devil worshiper. I’m just saying…

A letter to my Ex-Mother-in-law

A letter to my Ex-Mother In Law: You weren’t just a double agent, you were a general of the patriarchy and you taught your son its ways.