The Book You Judge By Its Cover

The book you judge by its cover: My book, my judgment, my burden. […] misunderstood because of its skin.

Copy Cats

Copy Cats: “We usually hear about representation in the work place or in the media, but representation of healthy relationships starts at home where our children are watching, learning and storing for later use.”


Tribute to my grand mother who would have been laid to rest today…if not for social distancing.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Sexual and Reproductive Rights: […] with the uncertainty of the restriction timelines, families need to spend more now to stockpile their essentials. Unemployment, dwindling finances, and uncertainty about the future, can literally create and harden the choice between cabbage vs. condoms.

The Synchronized Double Burden

The Synchronized Double Burden: “[…] global lockdowns have undeniably tripled women’s workload in the household. However, novel COVID has not brought novel improvements in the division of labor, but is […] worsening gender inequality.”

Black Noise

An ode to the self awareness necessary for a life worth living, ‘Black Noise’ echoes the need to constantly look inward.

Black Girl Magic

Black Girl Magic is indeed powerful. In this post, we explore how we release some of that magic when we speak up and speak our truths, even when it feels terrifying.

I’m Still Me.

‘I’m still me’ reflects a woman’s struggle with identity loss. Using her name change as a metaphor, she walks us through her painful rebirth.

Mothers/Martyrs Day

Mothers/Martyr Day invites us to question whether we are celebrating women’s suffering as just what ‘Motherhood’ is.