Black Noise

Waves unyielding. Unflinching. Unrelenting.
Crashing in centuries perfected lines to fall into.
Seamlessly sanded yet jealously twined
so the cracks are audacious, yet don’t shake.
Older than time, like religion to our minds
It’s gospel even as it lines our throats with tar.
Trained to supress any gag or reflex
Whilst anxiety settles in like an old friend.
Your noise, your black noise…its always there.
Beneath the thrum of what they said was, or is, or should be.
Hushed for some, yet deafening for others
Screaming silently for legitimacy.
Heedless, we’ll sway to the set requiem
Tune locked and tuned out, strangers to our dark swells
Till we intently honor those silent vibrations
Beckoning us to trust our sound to truly live.
Photocredit: Pixabay

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