The Fine Print

The Fine Print: “Signing up to marriage and changing your name involves some serious ‘fine print’”

Married Maiden

Married Maiden: “It was as though the person I was all my life (and still AM), had died and I didn’t even know. And now she was not to be spoken of.”

Call Me Dami

Call Me Dami: “Strive high for yourselves and so other women can see you and know they belong too. Defy the mainstream media. You’re more than just a wife or a mother, and your skin does not limit you.” 

Black Noise

An ode to the self awareness necessary for a life worth living, ‘Black Noise’ echoes the need to constantly look inward.

I’m Still Me.

‘I’m still me’ reflects a woman’s struggle with identity loss. Using her name change as a metaphor, she walks us through her painful rebirth.