Fierce She Was

Fierce She Was: ‘I am’ from within and not from without. I was always enough. Now I know not to doubt.


Infallible: “Though the child never asked to be born, she was to be grateful for simply being fed and accommodated, and should expect nothing more.” 

Toxic Charades

Toxic Charades: Your head is spinning because it doesn’t make sense. But…he is so full of conviction, you must be wrong… 


Beguiled: That all along it was just you. It simply was not me.

Red Flags

Red Flags: The signs and cycle of abuse are always there, but gradually increase with each carpet-swept disrespect; a test to unlock a new level of dehumanization.

The Fine Print

The Fine Print: “Signing up to marriage and changing your name involves some serious ‘fine print’”

Shushed Education

Shushed Education: “[W]e grow up thinking that stopping to put on a condom is a complete buzz kill. “That’s not sexy. Like…no one does that!””

One Plus One

One Plus One: “[T]he men are flying by the seat of their pants […]. When their luck runs out, they drag in their exponential X-factor and ‘bla-scatter’ their wives worlds.”