Divorce Party!!

Divorce Party: They think you’re crazy…after all, who would leave horse-sh*t camouflaging as a human being?


Reconciliation: How do you fix it? Should you fix it? Where do you even begin?

Scared Of Sleep

Scared Of Sleep: …because the monster carresses me when I wake.

Death On Your Lips

Death on your lips: Now I see the cost of silence in the face of injustice. This time, the costs are mine to bear.

Runaway Slave

Runaway slave: Fleeing was imperative. This was no condition for a human being.


Deadbeats: Beneath the skin of the loudest drums, there’s only emptiness inside.

Fierce She Was

Fierce She Was: ‘I am’ from within and not from without. I was always enough. Now I know not to doubt.


Infallible: “Though the child never asked to be born, she was to be grateful for simply being fed and accommodated, and should expect nothing more.” 

Toxic Charades

Toxic Charades: Your head is spinning because it doesn’t make sense. But…he is so full of conviction, you must be wrong…