Directors should feed their children.

Unless your title is a fraud

You show off, though…you’re just a jizz donor

Because appearances are your sole legitimacy.

To only show up with stolen trinkets

And only on their special days…

Such cheap tricks do not age well

But alas, that’s the choice you’ve made.

Professional groomsman, wide-mouthed and loud

Ushering others to an institution you failed.

What advice do you dare give through your crooked teeth?

One of your empty-barrel hits?

Full rights and sub-zero responsibility?

“Daddy” title, with none of the grit?

Or is it How to do below bare minimum

But demand a cookie while at it?

You forsook your kids and bought a dog

Which you’ve fed more than your infants.

Now Bingo’s dead, you remember your wards

But come bearing 5G conspiracies.

Refusing mask, test and vaccine

You refuse to provide for their health care too.

They’ll eventually tire of your bombastic tales

And your disregard for their wellbeing.

You starved us before, during and after

A pandemic the world has never seen.

Hiding silent lest you had to provide

Like an ostrich in the sand.

Now you make promises you dont keep, and vibrate on borrowed time

Because children always figure out,

That beneath the skin of the loudest drums,

There’s only emptiness inside.

By Anonymous

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