Can’t wait to be just your baby mama

A birth long awaited and overdue

I daydream and imagine a new life with you.

Re born a new babe, a new bliss, a new heart,

A new me, that glows without “death do us part”.

I’ve waited far too long for spring

The new start that decree nisi brings.

Can’t wait to only have babies to share

And ofcourse bank alerts from your child care.

It took too long to ‘shine my eye’

To belong once more, to myself and I.

Marriage is it’s own kind of slavery

With all the blends of unsavory.

No one deserves that love desert

Been there, done that, got my t-shirt.

Crisp insight for the rest of my days,

And no more demons in this new phase.

When I catch a glimpse of the torrid past

I can’t wait to be divorced from you at last.

So I can be a better me,

And parent so they are trauma free.

Lets get along, for the babies’ sake

But nothing more. I don’t do re-takes!

You’ll always be the children’s dad,

Or just sperm donor…either way, your card!

By Anonymous

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