Bride Price Kò

Bride Price Kò: My kin do not sell their daughters.

Blood On Your Hands

Blood On Your Hands: From when you said I was lying because you didn’t raise a son that could do such.

A letter to my Ex-Mother-in-law

A letter to my Ex-Mother In Law: You weren’t just a double agent, you were a general of the patriarchy and you taught your son its ways.

Divorce Party!!

Divorce Party: They think you’re crazy…after all, who would leave horse-sh*t camouflaging as a human being?

Red Flags

Red Flags: The signs and cycle of abuse are always there, but gradually increase with each carpet-swept disrespect; a test to unlock a new level of dehumanization.

Is Marriage Bad for Women?

Is Marriage bad for Women?: “I’m not saying that every married woman is unhappy. I AM saying that marriage was not created to benefit women.”