Stickers: Reminding us that life is about the living. Not the perfect.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Sexual and Reproductive Rights: […] with the uncertainty of the restriction timelines, families need to spend more now to stockpile their essentials. Unemployment, dwindling finances, and uncertainty about the future, can literally create and harden the choice between cabbage vs. condoms.

My life matters.

My life matters: “Domestic violence is about power, access, and enablement – all of which men have disproportionately. Women are overwhelmingly the disempowered recipients of intimate partner violence. […]. Domestic violence is never okay, no matter the direction”

Returning to work after maternity leave (part 2)

Mommy/work guilt:Similar to the one before, it’s difficult to be ‘present’ anywhere. At work you feel guilty for leaving your child at home. At home, you feel guilty about all the work that you have not completed. Need I say more? Don’t even get me started on work related travel and the emotions/logistics of whether…

Sib-eh-ling cake!

I don’t remember ever not having a sibling. I’m the second of three. I do remember being made to dress the same as my older sister, having to share everything with her, having to go second when picking a treat. She was the constant presence I always had to consider, whether it was because she…

Don’t kill your child!

“Are you doing exclusive?” Its a very simply question on the surface. But its really not as simple as it sounds. I’ll speak about my complicated response (since I try not to ask this question and thus can’t claim to know why people ask). When I hear this question, my mind just starts tumbling over…