Shushed Education

Shushed Education: “[W]e grow up thinking that stopping to put on a condom is a complete buzz kill. “That’s not sexy. Like…no one does that!””

Likability Complex

“The mantle of likability is a double bind […] which makes her both terrified to speak up, […] and deserving of punishment (nay violence) if she dares to rejects it.”

Intentional Gospel

Intentional Gospel: “I wanted books [with] dynamic characters they could relate with; characters who would then become constant affirmation-whispering companions during their internal monologues for years to come.”

Mind Your Head

Mind your head: “I remember an ex’s mother advising me that long hair was good because the men liked it. As if what I did with my hair was anybody’s business.”


I remember when my mother and uncle tried to convince me that having a gap tooth was beautiful. At the time I dismissed it as them pushing an obviously incorrect opinion just because they had gap teeth themselves.

Snap-back, slap-back!

The world and I watched as Kathryn the Duchess of Cambridge emerged from the Lindo wing of St. Mary’s Hospital looking like….you know…she just went to the hospital to pick up the little prince…just another day in her royal life. Whaaaat!?!? Showered, belly smaller, hair done, make up done, everything did! Plus heels!! And this…