Snap-back, slap-back!

The world and I watched as Kathryn the Duchess of Cambridge emerged from the Lindo wing of St. Mary’s Hospital looking like….you know…she just went to the hospital to pick up the little prince…just another day in her royal life. Whaaaat!?!? Showered, belly smaller, hair done, make up done, everything did! Plus heels!! And this was merely a few hours after giving birth. At least she still had a bump, but her bump was still smaller than mine 3 months post partum!!! What magic are these guys doing??

Here is a picture of me right after my first shower, 2 days after childbirth when i was finally allowed to stand and pee by myself (seriously LOL!!) after being on Magnesium Sulphate for hours following post partum pre-eclampsia. No make up, not even earrings, my hair had been untouched from weeks before, and definitely no heels!!! I thought it was a pretty decent picture given the circumstances but Kate…just blows me away yet again!! I guess i might have put in more effort if the whole world was watching though. Hahaha!!

Kudos to her for not hiding her post-partum bumpie and looking fabulous with it!! Which makes me think, we probably all do still look glorious in our own way, inspite of the one or two things we might be self-conscious about. There is so much body shaming after birth when a woman looks like she just had a baby. You know… because our bodies are supposed to just ignore what it just went through; nurturing, growing and birthing a whole human being…”Thats all ‘kum-bah-yah’ and great but why arent you skinny and fit already?” WHY FOCUS ON APPEARANCES AND ROB A WOMAN OF THE WONDER AND AWESOMENESS OF WHAT HER BODY DID??

Anyways, I’m guilty of it so I thought i would share my gobsmacked moment while still reminding myself (and everyone) that pre or post pregnancy, we are all different, and respond differently to pregnancy and childbirth (duh…see exhibit A above), yet we are all still beautiful (also see exhibit A if I say so myself). So before you hide and starve yourself, before you let anyone or anything steal your joy with their standards of beauty, first remember, you are gorgeous in every way, just love your body for what it did and embrace your pregnancy scars (or rather, victory medals) and what they represent – a strong, beautiful, glorious, miraculous, triumphant you! Yes YOU!!

Photocredit: and Mr John Eigege

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