The Story of the Nurse

…I am a Nurse, witnessing the “now-era” of the covid-19 pandemic. Someday, when all of the rising statistics is out and flat, when there will be a cure for this disease and when with confidence I will look into the eyes of a patient without fear of possibly loosing him or her, I will tell the story of the Nurse.

Florence Nightingale, mother of modern day Nursing predicted this times and even the World Health Organization declared the year 2020, as the year of the Nurse and Midwife. I think the forces of life was putting us (Nurses) ready for this battle.

A few days after confirmed cases for COVID-19 surged to 30, Nurse Ireti who had begun her fight on the Frontline called to share her fears with me, she had a fever the previous night and the next day, it was a sore throat. “I think I have been infected. My pikin dey your hands o, Abeg” her voice carried panic while also laced with laughter as a mask.

“Nothing will ever hurt you. You are staying alive for us. For all of us. Get tested, report, self isolate. Nothing go apen”. I had my fears but it wasn’t relevant. I needed Ireti unshaken.

Some days later, her test came negative. The relief. The joy. The peace. I even shed a tear.
This pandemic has opened my eyes to the love we share in Nursing and as Nurses. Every day a Nurse says “this too shall pass” not because he or she is the bravest but it builds our courage and strengthens our bond.

Someday when all this is over, I will tell the story of the Nurse…

By: Nurse Ella Inah

Photocredit: Emmanuella Inah

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  1. Two fists in the air! To all our Nurses and all our essential services serving people day in day out, on the front lines everyday, thank you, God bless you, stay strong.

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  2. And I’ll so love to hear the story dear Nurse Preggy! You tell it so well and craft them beautifully, I’ll never tire of reading from you.

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