Beguiled: That all along it was just you. It simply was not me.

Emotional Labor

Emotional Labor: “[W]hen it’s consistently one sided, it can get real old, real fast.”

Broth of Life

Broth of Life: “Where is our history? The one before colonization? Where has it been hidden or destroyed and why? What would it tell me that I need to know?”

Married Maiden

Married Maiden: “It was as though the person I was all my life (and still AM), had died and I didn’t even know. And now she was not to be spoken of.”

Between The Cracks

“Am I really Nigerian if I don’t speak my native language? I speak English but I’m definitely not British!”

Maybe Baby

“If I have a child, I think humanity is worth saving.”

Iyawo Wa

“Everyone tells her this is how its supposed to be. She tells herself this is how it’s supposed to be. She tells everyone this is how it’s supposed to be.”

Close Your Legs

[W]hile we start early to teach little girls that they are responsible for the sexual attention they draw to themselves, I have hardly seen the same energy used to repudiate the assaulters.

Likability Complex

“The mantle of likability is a double bind […] which makes her both terrified to speak up, […] and deserving of punishment (nay violence) if she dares to rejects it.”