Who placed upon my infant head

This pain from daily abuse and dread

As “prep for life unfair” she said

(‘Cos trauma needs to spread)

Who taught my infant lips to agree

To hush myself and thus decree

That self is naught unless approved

By anyone but me

Who seemed to see me as a threat

To conjugal bliss (it’s silhouette). 

In spite of being 5 years, at best

The apple of regret

When grief and sickness made me pace, 

Who taught me not to seek her face

Lest it refine the aim of ire

From Sauron’s lofty dais

Who kicked me out when I with child, 

Sought succor, strength and love compiled

Yet ponders why the distance yawns

Post years of love beguiled

I can’t forget you carried me

And all the things you’ve done for free?

Yet now you remind me it’s a debt 

Though I didn’t ask for me

For years for sure I was to blame

Myself was simply proof of shame 

“If only I could want your want”

That which I could not name

Who ever thought that it could be?!

I am enough.I will be free!

That all along, it was just you

It simply was not me.

by Anonymous

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