Hearty 30s…

I had a whole bucket list of things I wanted to achieve before 30. Some as small as ‘start my own blog’ and some as large as ‘start my own company’. I haven’t achieved it all but the ‘incompletes’ and ‘not-started’ do not faze me anymore because something happened by 30, that I did not anticipate. I became a mom! Of 2! And when I look at my daughters, my new status easily trumps both my achievements and non-achievements thus far.

Maybe you don’t understand. I had the privilege of becoming: a superhero; responsible, non-sleeping, constantly loving, nursing, ambidextrous, mathematician, driver, superior-mood-reader, skilled anticipator of needs, champion encourager, photographer, night watch woman, and frankly, a Janet-of-all-trades for my daughters. And it’s so strange how for now, it is more than enough.

It’s almost taboo to some when you express that having children makes you feel fulfilled. I embrace the choice to be whoever I want to be. And right now, curled up next to both of them…is exactly what I want to be. The 30s are looking good. Happy birthday to me.

Photocredit: Cherrystreet Studios.

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  1. Chichi says:

    Thanks for unashamedly proclaiming your awesomeness…owning it in all it’s glory! We moms are superhumans…and we are raising daughters who one day will do superhuman things like birth and raise children. It is hard hard hard work…but definitely the most fulfilling thing I will ever do bar none!


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