“ATM out of service”

Referring to the bank you work for?

Surely not your POS self since

You my friend have never dispensed

Always Tardy Man

Think child support is romance?

Your change is not for my smile or clap

You deny, not me, but him

Anything That Matters

Your centeredness must destroy.

24/7 ward needs match 24/7 excuses

Momma at 210%, what is your title for?

Always Toking Mary

Right? You must be high

Thats the only reliable train

Watch out. Rona loves your strain

Anti-Thetical Monologue

Mary clearly did you bad

Your child doesn’t deserve dead beats

Restrain your Aye Talking Mouth

Almighty Trouble Minister

Is this a manifesto of change?

I’ll believe it when I see it

Not once or twice. But I doubt I ever will

Signed – Your Baby Mama

By Tishe Akindele


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