Where Is The Lie?

I can feel the force of your fury

Your usual tsunami hurling itself at me

But you’re a drunk, thief and cheat to boot

All rights and no responsibility

Where is the lie though?

You say it’s not fair to the children 

To speak on the abuse you inflicted 

But if there is no lie on my lips

And no remorse to your grip

I won’t carry such burdens on my hips 

Am I saying it too loud?

Or should you never have made it truth?

If you didn’t want such to come out

You should have thought before you brought it about

That’s a fathers job too you know

They want to give you a soft landing

Because “Young men have their lives ahead of them”

My landing matters too, so does my story

To build a just world for our kids…if you can believe it

So please tell me, where is the lie?

By – Anonymous

Photocredit: http://www.alwaysbewoke.com

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